NU Formland - Read all about the Nordic design community no. 2 2015 / August 2015 - Page 66

Artikel/article THE OUTDOOR LIFE IS PRESENTED UNDER THE HEADING URBAN GARDEN WITH A SPECIAL FOCUS ON "HANGING GARDENS" HANNE DAVIDSEN, BUYER IB LAURSEN It’s going to get wonderfully snug, soft Summary and colourful with lots of new products in the pipeline for the coming season from Ib Laursen. For more than 43 years, the Danish arts and crafts company, which is named after its founder, has kept abreast of the latest trends and interpreted them in its own way, resulting in a product line-up that matches the company’s feminine, romantic and modern collections. For the coming season, Ib Laursen is once again launching a range of different themes with plenty of inspiration for your home’s individual rooms and for the outdoor life. The concept called Bohemian Lounge is made to fit in at all the spaces in the home where you can relax. - It’s for all the good spots for relaxing and unwinding. This is where it really feels like home, says buyer Hanne Davidsen from Ib Laursen Aps. 66 / ISSUE NO 02 AUGUST 2015 / BOLIGBRANCHEN. The concept features the Tibetan lambskin Cozy Gourmet is the recipe for the kitchen strong focus on quilted cushions and blan- ucts such as industrial metal lamps, new in classic colours and the recently added, dusty blue. - And for the coming season, we have a kets. The quilt products come in a new clas- sic version that matches the well ordered home. Generally, the authentic and traditional look is an important trend. We meet this trend in the form of ceramics that has an authentic look as if it has a long history behind it. For the coming season, copper and brass is replaced by silver, antique silver and raw metal, says Hanne Davidsen. Furniture won’t have that torn and worn look, however. The new colours are black and dark grey, usually with finished wooden surfaces. For the bedroom and the bathroom, Ib Laursen has created the theme, Slow Luxury, which features new double bedspreads, cushions, quilts and weaved towels with fringes. trends. Both the Casablanca and the Mynte lines feature new colours and patterns. Moreover, we will see a range of new prodcutting-boards, new kitchen utensils in olive wood, kitchen weights, a new cutlery line in stainless steel, while the enamel ma- terial remains a popular design choice in the kitchen. The outdoor life is presented under the heading Urban Garden. - This time around, there is a special focus on "hanging gardens". We have designed a large line of hanging pots and baskets. Come by stand no. H 6110 to see the entire collection from Ib Laursen.