NU Formland - Read all about the Nordic design community no. 2 2015 / August 2015 - Page 57

PÅ GASTRO LAB VOL. 2. BOBLER, KOGER OG GÆRER DET. INSPIRATIONEN TIL INDRETNINGEN ER HENTET I KEMILABORATORIETS UNIVERS MED KOLBER, GLAS, GRUNDSTOFFER, MOLEKYLER MM. ANETTE ECKMANN, ECKMANN STUDIO The winter and December are also a wonder­ ul time to have a go at handicrafts f will be put together as building blocks so Eckmann Studio has designed, laid out and surfaces, glass, stone and concrete. and plants. Inspiration has been found in that new shapes are formed. The expres- and indoor activities. sion is colourful and humorous, yet simple. self projects – everything that is of great rose, mint, grass green, black and white. In the trend café and workshop Dark D ­ ecember, you will find new inspiration for some fun Christmas and winter do-it-your- importance when you need to create a very special atmosphere and personal style during the dark Nordic winter. In 1895, the first Danish Christmas plate was introduced by the porcelain manufac- The materials are metals, marble, bright The colours are especially yellow, cobalt blue, Light illuminates the trend in the radiance of its glow. In the outside area between entrance West and Hall E the visitors find the trendzone Far Out into nature, styled by Fly + turer Bing & Grøndahl. In dark December ­Helsted. sistants and specially invited guests will natural and untamed plant diversity. you can experience the revival of the Christmas plate. Each day you can participate in a workshop, where Anette ­ ckmann, her asE guide you in how to create your very own Where outdoor living in the city used to mean urban gardening in little pots and brightly coloured café furniture, the trend now is for We are styling nature, creating new con- Christmas plate. The exhibitor Thuesen stellations where we combine edible plants as a graphical still life composition with suitable for the environment in which we Jensen will sponsor the plates from French Pillivuyt for the workshop. The trend zone Light in hall K will be staged strong inspiration from the Memphis trend of the 1980s and with its period colours, materials and not least its strength. The wild compositions of geometrical shapes with flower ́