NU Formland - Read all about the Nordic design community no. 2 2015 / August 2015 - Page 43

WE HAVE USED THE VISUAL LOOK OF NEON LIVING’S ALMOST CLASSIC VERSION OF THE TYPE CASE AND TRANSFERRED IT TO PRINT ON BED LINEN IN A TWO-SIDED PATTERN JESPER SOMMER, CEO AND FOUNDER BySommer brands, stand no D 3020 Foreløbig er BySommer grossist for brands som Cow Parade, Neon Living, From Helena, Simplewear, I’M:BOARD, 57⁰ North, Havnens Snedkeri, Lykketrold og Air Cork. NEON LIVING BOLIGBRANCHEN. / ISSUE NO 02 AUGUST 2015 / 43