NU Formland - Read all about the Nordic design community no. 2 2015 / August 2015 - Page 29

LUIGI BORMIOLI A classic sphere thermos celebrating its Summary 30-year anniversary with a re-launch in new colours, an all-in-one kitchen marvel that can boil, cook, simmer and knead and new exclusive cutlery. Those are just some of the product news that the Danish brand house, Thuesen Jensen AS is presenting at Formland. In total, the company is representing more than 3,500 quality items for the kitchen and the dinner table. - Our products are all internationally ac- claimed high-end brands, where design, innovation, trends and functionality form a synthesis, says Michael Knudsen, head of marketing at Thuesen Jensen AS. The classic and timeless Alfi sphere ther- mos, designed by Danish Ole Palsby, is celebrating its 30-year anniversary. On that occasion, the thermos, which has been featured at museums such as MoMA in New York and won several design awards, is Thuesen Jensen AS is also presenting three the greatest volume with the smallest sur- German WMF has been known for making re-launched in three new colours: wooden brown, greyish green and graphite green. - I asked myself: what geometric body has face? Because the smaller the surface in relation to the content, the less effect the surroundings would have on the tempera- ture inside the insulated body. There was only one answer to this question, the most natural of all shapes: the spherical "Kugel", Ole Palsby said back then on his thoughts behind the design, which, over the years, has been sold in more than seven million copies. Since 1919, American KitchenAid has made high-quality kitchen machines in a popular, and now, classic, industrial look. Thuesen Jensen AS is ready to present a series of new products for the coming season, including the KitchenAid Slow Juicer, which presses the fruit effectively and slowly just like an old-fashioned cider mill. new cutlery lines from WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik): Evoque, Silk and Augsburger Faden. Ever since 1843, products of high design quality with innovative features and a distinguished functionality. For generations, the Peugeot grinders have been an integrated part of Paris’ cafés and bistros. The line is now introduced in a new style in patinated wood, Antique. The product comes with a classic coffee grinder. Luigi Bormioli makes innovative, Italian glassware with an eye for aesthetics and functionality and is deeply rooted in the traditional Northern Italian glass art. At Formland, Thuesen Jensen AS is presenting the latest line of wine glasses, Sublime, which is known for its clean lines and elegant design. BOLIGBRANCHEN. / ISSUE NO 02 AUGUST 2015 / 29