NU Formland - Read all about the Nordic design community no. 2 2015 / August 2015 - Page 10

Artikel/article BY PRIORITIZING THE TREND AREAS, WE CONTRIBUTE TO OUR VISITORS LEAVING WITH THEIR INSPIRATION NEEDS FULFILLED HENRIETTE TRÆHOLT, PROJECT MANAGER OF FORMLAND Q&A WITH HENRIETTE TRÆHOLT, PROJECT MANAGER OF FORMLAND Q: What should buyers look forward to the most, when Formland opens its A: When Formland opens its doors for the doors? 63rd time, visitors can look forward to se- ven halls filled with many new exhibitors and exciting new products: from brand- new entrepreneurs to large and well- known brands. One of our new initiatives is called Nordic Buzz, where 116 entrepre- neurs from Scandinavia give visitors the opportunity to get their hands on a range of new, unique and creative design products. We are also welcoming Branding Expo News, which, with its 30 new exhibitors have its own dedicated area with branding products within profile, promotion and gift articles. There has been put a lot of work in our in- spiring trend zones, which is one of Formland’s biggest strengths. Here, there is so- mething for every taste and interest. From 10 / ISSUE NO 02 AUGUST 2015 / BOLIGBRANCHEN. the LIGHT trend zone, where buyers can see that 70% of our visitors are looking for just and workshop pays tribute to the colours of useful ideas and tools for stores to make a graphical herringbone with strong inspi- ration from the Memphis tend in the 80’s to Dark December, which, with its trend café the winter season and its cosy indoor activities. In addition, we have marked the exhibitor’s news at a dedicated area called Formland News, where visitors can vote for the most interesting new product. Q: Formland is known for communicating new trends. A: When customers visit Formland, they Why is this such an important area to you? expect to be stimulated and to obtain new knowledge about industry trends. The quality of the inspiration and trend zones are essential to us, as our research shows that. In collaboration with popular trend spotters and experts within our industry, we translate current and future trends into use of. By prioritizing the trend areas, we contribute to our visitors leaving with their inspiration needs fulfilled. Q: What is the vision of Formland now A: Formland must be the preferred location and in the future? for small and large companies to stand side by side and create a network of like-minded and passionate design lovers. We wish to influence the development, surprise, inspire and add value to our collaborators and their customers.