NU Formland - Read all about the Nordic design community no. 1 / January 2016 - Page 68

Artikel/article COMMUNITIES Formland is divided into 6 different creative communities. Each community is an indicative of the exhibitors’ style, atmosphere and industry. D | INTERIOR | MODERN F | FOOD J | INTERIOR | ATELIER Established modern design. Lovely products Trendy market hall featuring new and unique Multi-ethnic crafts sampled with Neo-Nordic for today. A modern mix of colours and form. taste experiences. Cosy marketplace with Design. Artistic and culturally-interested Humour and decorative gadgets. Good taste a focus on special and unique delicacies. Nordic Nomad. RAW recycling – rustic Trash and good design. Skilled professionals who love to share their de Lux. Art with an edge, sculptures and know­ledge and passion for food. Selection of collectibles from around the world. A global D | INTERIOR | GALLERY chocolate, candy, wine, beer, delicacies, coffee, blend of interesting and personal items in a Graphic art and crafts & ceramics. The art of oil and more – foods from around the world. modern perspective. Fair Trade meets Fac- living with art. A melting pot of inspiring exhi- High quality gourmet gifts. Gear & supplies. tory. Modern urban nomad. sign school backgrounds. Unique illustrations, H | INTERIOR | DÉCOR K | NORDIC BUZZ collages and prints. Photo art and typography. Nostalgic, Nordic country style. Seasonal A creative entrepreneur area at Formland with Handicrafts and ceramics in a creative gallery decor and inspiration for home styling. Cosy exhibitors from Denmark, Sweden, England atmosphere. and charming with personal details. Creative and Northern Germany. The buzz words are “do-it-yourself" homes with feminine and talent, creativity and entrepreneurship. D | INTERIOR | NEXT STAGE beautiful finds. Romantic timeless mansion/ The area is divided into the following cate­ Next Stage is an area of the fair dedicated to villa style. New Vintage and natural materi- gories: Interior & Furniture; Design, Crafts & smaller and newly established companies. als. Atmosphere with harmonic and subdued Living products; Fashion, Accessories & shades. Well-being. News of the season within ­Jewelry; Graphic, Artwork & Industrial design. bitions. Original graphic art by artists with de- E | INTERIOR | BLOOM clothes and accessories. Nature as the focal point – floral decoration, K | BRANDING EXPO NEWS garden decoration. True joy from flowers H | INTERIOR | FASHION and plants. Beautiful and evocative decora- Fashion is an area with clothing, jewelry, and gifts. Profil Gruppen is the organisor tions. Garden life, barbecue, green fingers – it purses, bags and accessories. behind these exhibitors. sprouts and grows. Flowers and plants in the garden, in the living room and on the balcony. Decoration and a creative “hands on" approach, indoors and out. Plant tables, scented candles, pots, vases, ribbons and decorative materials. 66 | ISSUE NO 01 JANUARY 2016 | BOLIGBRANCHEN. Branding products within profile, promotion