NU Formland - Read all about the Nordic design community no. 1 / January 2016 - Page 49

OOHH OOHH UASHMAMA flade, så det minder og føles endnu mere Summary UASHMAMA bruger kun naturmaterialet - We are looking forward to presenting a som læder. Det gør materialet endnu mere For the coming spring, the OOhh collection cellulose (papir) i sit desi gn, og produkter- unique frame. It’s inspired by Amsterdam’s lækkert og eksklusivt. ne er ligesom OOhh håndlavet. Alle UASHMAMA produkter er produceret i Toscana, hvor familiefirmaet Le Sorelle er grundlagt. - Detaljerne på de meget flotte tasker og kurve er i eksklusivt læder og understreger samtidig det gennemførte og flotte design. Se Lübech Livings nyheder og kollektioner i hal J, stand no. J 7118. from Lübech Living is better than ever. houses and gables and can be used as a bulletin board, as a frame for the family photos or as a mood board. We are also displaying new, large XL pots, which are currently in high demand as more and more people pared a beautiful nature design and made storage possible regardless of purpose, says Søren Lübech, who adds that UASHMAMA is expanding its collection to in- clude more accessories such as bags, note- books and neat covers and storage options in various sizes – for example new designs for the laundry. Find Lübech Living’s news and collections in Hall J, booth no. J 7118. choose to get big house plants for their home, and beautiful kurundu-baskets to store firewood, magazines or big plants. Kurundu is the leftover wood from the pro- duction of cinnamon, which is usually used as firewood or discarded. But we have pre- BOLIGBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 01 JANUARY 2016 | 47