NU Formland - Read all about the Nordic design community no. 1 / January 2016 - Page 33

POMPOUS, COSY AND DURABLE ARE THE KEY TERMS FOR THE NEW MAXIMALISTIC HOME TREND LINUM / CASATINA As Øland has her finger on the pulse of cur- ble products made from natural materials. for a more personal style in the home – the helm, the Danish trade organization’s Trend- in a hectic world, our home has become a tels with pink as a central colour as well as rent trends, styles and colours within fashion, interior and design. With As Øland at the studio abound with international, inspirational materials helping designers to come up with new designs for the coming season. - If you look at the leading trends within Hand-blown and recycled glass is trending, so is belt leather, marble and wood. Living safe harbour – a place we can identify ourselves with, the creative director explains. Lots of soft textiles home textiles, interior and general design, A clear trend, which supports this view, is like a catalogue. The simple, clean – almost - Carpets are a cosy addition to a room especially one trend stands out: people no longer wants to live in a home looking sterile – style is replaced by something warmer and more personal. What we put in our homes must signal soul, quality and personality. Art is an example of just that. There’s a strong interest in art and a piece of art on the wall adds something unique to your home, As Øland explains, adding that the same goes for upholstery with interest- ing textures and tapestry inspired by the floral ornamentation of the 1930s or old, restored furniture. - It’s a big and general trend, which may spring from the desire to invest in dura- the return of carpets – both wall-to-wall carpets and rugs. and bring softness and good acoustics to a home. The carpets can play the same role as arts and crafts that ooze of quality and craftsmanship. Cushions, tassels, pom- poms, glass art and hand-made paper with graphical prints make for a unique and special home, says As Øland and adds that brass, gold, bronze, stone, granite, marble, only missing colour is bleach white. Other tones of white, off-white and bright pas- toned-down grass and earth tones are used to hold back on the colour orgy, creating places for the eye to rest. - Pompous, cosy and durable are the key terms for the new maximalistic home trend, which – at least for a while – marks the end of the white style and its decadelong popularity, As Øland concludes. There are, in other words, plenty of reasons to pay Formland a visit and find new, exciting home products for the stores tempting consumers to give their homes a maximalistic overhaul. belting leather and textiles such as suede MERE DESIGNINSPIRATION? Colour-wise there are little to no restric- gratis efter aftale. Se mere om inspirations- are among the most used materials in the Medlemmer af Dansk Mode & Textil kan tions. Colours and patterns are combined kilder og åbningstider på Spring/Summer season of 2016. besøge Trendstudio i København eller Herning BOLIGBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 01 JANUARY 2016 | 31