NU Formland - Read all about the Nordic design community no. 1 / January 2016 - Page 17

Artikel/article Summary HÜBSCH After a couple of successful seasons with furni- ture in raw natural oak, Hübsch is expanding its furniture collection with exciting new products such as new tables and dressers made from processed oak. - In terms of style, our new design has the same simple and Nordic look as before. But the oak tree is processed for a finer finish, which adds a new look to the design. In addition, we have also designed furniture, where we combine the processed oak tree with polished cement making for a completely different and new look – but still with a hint of nature, says Daniel Henriksen, head of marketing and co-founder of Hübsch. In addition to designing in natural materials, the furniture collection also features softer furniture, easy chairs and couches. With a collection consisting of more than 3,000 styles, arts and crafts as well as home decoration products still account for the largest part of Hübsch’s product range. - There will be lots of exciting news for custom- ers to take a closer look at, says Daniel Henriksen, who mentions several new products in the ceramics and porcelain category as an example. BOLIGBRANCHEN. | ISSUE NO 01 JANUARY 2016 | 17