NTX Magazine Volume 9 - Page 56

HEALTHCARE INNOVATIONS Debuting in Dallas-Fort Worth: Healthcare Innovations The best stories are about people. And caring for those people makes some of the most dynamic business out there. In North Texas, some of the best minds in science, education, technology and business team up to put their respective talents to work in an industry that’s all about people: healthcare using organs from live donors and following lessons learned from teams in Sweden who had also been successful helping mothers bring life into the world. And this team was successful. The mother of the baby girl born in February was the first to speak out, on conditions of anonymity to protect her privacy, exclusively to The Dallas Morning News. “It’s important to carry your own child and to feel that bond that you have when she’s in your womb,” she said. This woman is among thousands born with no uterus or cervix, a condition that affects around 1 in 5,000 women. The successful birth of this little girl also furthered hope for the health system’s uterine transplant program. “This is proof that it was not a clinical stunt,” said Giuliano Testa, M.D., a transplant surgeon on the medical staff of Baylor Scott & White Health and principal investigator in the trial. “We want to make this a reality for all women who have this kind of problem, and we believe even more that this is the right way forward.” Despite all the high-tech science behind the birth of their baby girl, the couple has settled into a very typical new parent routine – feedings, nap times – and little sleep for mom and dad. Oh, Baby: Uterine Transplant Signals Birth of Possibility in U.S. The first successful uterine transplant birth in the U.S., a baby boy born in Dallas, has given life to hope that women who were told they would never have children could, one day, carry a child of their own. And the second successful U.S. transplant, resulting in a 6-lb, 7-oz. baby girl this past February, proved that even a science in its infancy can reap life- changing benefits. Last November, the baby boy delivered at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas became the first in the nation to be born to a woman whose uterus had been implanted from another woman’s body. In 2016, a transplant team from Baylor Scott & White Health became the first in the U.S. to try uterine transplant, Virtual Reality Brings New Adventures to Elderly It’s Tuesday afternoon – do you know where your grandma is? She could be experiencing the joys of a jazz club, doing some skydiving or marveling at fish while scuba diving – all while sitting in a comfortable chair in her home or a senior living center. Fly, swim or dance from the comfort of home But this immersive, mind-body experience helps seniors reap the benefits of exploring a world outside their own walls. It’s technology beyond entertainment, and a great example of a corporate-academic partnership that is bettering the lives of senior citizens in North Texas and across the country. SUMMER 2018 WWW.NTC-DFW.ORG 55