NTX Magazine Volume 9 - Page 46

Providing leadership in healthcare systems is another way ACU is preparing students for important roles in the medical community. The school’s master’s degree in healthcare administration (MHA) readies students to be effective leaders in their field, contributing to the overall patient experience. Dr. Stephen Johnson, vice president and chief administrative officer of the Dallas Campus, related, “Taking a journey like this with others has never been more accessible, focused on relationships through which we can learn together, and directly applicable to the work to which these students are already committed.” Texas Woman’s University Keeping Everyone Informed As an average American, you’ll use the healthcare industry more than 300 times in your lifespan. Because of this, you are probably familiar with the seemingly endless paperwork you fill out, and all the information you discuss with your nurses and your doctors that is entered on their laptops. You have quite an electronic history of diagnosis, prognosis, health care plans and prescriptions for your lifetime. What you may not know is how this information is being used. Health professionals, hospitals and clinics depend on technology to help them make the best possible decisions through the use of health informatics, leading to a critical need for trained informaticists. According to Mari Tietze, PhD, RN-BC, FHIMSS, a professor and the Doswell Endowed Chair in Nursing Informatics in the College of Nursing at Texas Woman’s University (TWU), the need is, in fact, quite high. “Our market report for the information technology industry indicated a need for thousands of individuals who are trained to collect, manage, validate, analyze and report on healthcare and non-healthcare data,” she said. TWU is one of only two Texas universities with a bachelor’s degree in informatics, and one of only three offering a master’s degree in informatics. By offering online courses, TWU has been able to provide the education for a popular informatics certificate, a five-course program that enables working professionals with a bachelor’s degree to add to their skillset and enhance their career options. 44 WWW.NTC-DFW.ORG SUMMER 2018 The certificate program is designed for students from a variety of disciplines, including nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nutrition science, health systems management and others. “This is a perfect extended career for professionals in the existing workforce because it takes what they already know as a base. Since most of these individuals already have ‘day’ jobs, providing the certificate in an online approach makes it more achievable for these students,” Dr. Tietze said. “Remember, online does not mean ‘on your own,’” she added. “For the courses I teach, the students and I are in constant communication by text, phone, webinar, etc." A unique aspect of TWU informatics is an interprofessional teaching approach, with faculty from the four colleges sharing in teaching together. Students from different disciplines work side-by-side, collaborating in the classroom before teaming up in the workplace. This approach is based on the airline industry’s training, where all members of the team have equal importance and can convey their observations equally. “Informaticists work in a wide range of high-demand and high-paying career fields,” stated Don Edwards, Ph.D., chair of the TWU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. “At TWU, we’ve taken a broad-based, interprofessional approach to this degree program. Our emphasis on interdisciplinary education puts the university in an ideal position to bring together the fields of math, computer science, nursing, health studies and more.” Welcome to the family. Allen is home to many businesses, and we’re proud of every single one. From our diverse, well-educated population to our business-friendly economic development corporation, we give the companies that call us home the tools they need to succeed. To find out if this is the family for you, visit AllenEDC.com. Next time you fill out that paperwork or give your history, remember it’s for a good cause – you! Perhaps an informaticist trained at TWU will be analyzing your data, ensuring you receive the best possible care over your lifetime. That’s a great investment of your time. Now, Don’t You Feel Better? North Texas universities are providing more opportunities for students to not only meet the increasing demands of the healthcare industry, but also obtain advanced degrees and further their own careers. From education to application, North Texans have a prognosis of years of excellent healthcare ahead. The Place to Raise Your Business