NTX Magazine Volume 9 - Page 34

NON-TRADITIONAL ACCESS 32 WWW.NTC-DFW.ORG SUMMER 2018 OO L BAS E “We looked for the points where we are needed, not just where we are trying to compete,” Dr. de Moor explained, H E Code 3 also offers a retail area, stocking convenient remedies for travelers and employees. From child and adult diapers to cold and flu remedies, a wide array of baby formulas and more, people living life through the airport as travelers or employees can find many of the items for which they may find an acute need. In addition to diagnosing and beginning treatment for heart attacks, providers at Code 3 deliver diagnosis and treatment for fevers, cold and flu, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory infections, lacerations, sprains and strains, and more in adults and children. They also provide rapid lab testing and care for work-related injuries. This North Texas-based business has seen great success already, Dr. de Moor explains, and has already expanded to a location at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. “Texas is a great place for business and innovation,” she said. “To be a woman-owned small business here, it’s been good.” LE Health System Good Student of Patient Access “It’s super important to have access immediately,” Dr. de Moor notes. “The sooner you get in front of an emergency physician, the greater your chances of survival. The loss of minutes can really matter.” as she discussed the strategy behind Code 3. “We are working with both travelers and employers, and we’re very focused on being high-quality, reasonably priced and accessible.” Dr. de Moor explains that her company is also working with employers on the airport to provide pre-employment physicals, workers comp evaluations and follow-up, DOT physicals, hearing and vision screenings, and more. Providers at Code 3 have treated patients from as far away as New Zealand and China, including a woman who had what she thought was indigestion that turned out to be a heart attack. The Code 3 staff was able to diagnose her quickly in a situation where minutes count. C I Children’s Health, a leading provider of pediatric healthcare headquartered in Dallas, has developed and scaled one of the largest and fastest- growing telemedicine programs in the U.S. In 2013, a school-based telehealth initiative started with two MEDI