NTX Magazine Volume 9 - Page 32

The kind of “uh-oh” that results in a visit to the emergency room happens 141.4 million times a year in the U.S., according to the latest statistics available from the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC estimates that as 45.1 visits per 100 persons – and those statistics do not include urgent care or physician office visits, trips to the pharmacy, or other healthcare concerns. North Texas providers are observing all the vital signs on this issue, using non-traditional access points to bring care to patients, rather than relying on patients making their way to them. This approach has not only provided convenient access to care, but also – for some – access to care in areas where it is not as readily available. Innovative thinking beyond the walls of a doctor’s office or hospital can be found right here in North Texas. L L AS FO RT WO R TH IN NEW IDEA FOR ON-THE-GO CARE TAKING OFF NON-TR ADITIONAL When you are in the middle of a busy travel day – with bags, passports, children and other family members in tow, running to catch your flight or transferring to another after a layover – the last thing you’re wanting to add to your list is a need for medical care. But it happens. And at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, one of the world’s largest, the innovation the airport regularly shows toward improving travel experience T ER N AT O N A L I A IR has extended to providing convenient care when travelers are on the move. Code 3 Urgent Care & Pharmacy, owned and operated by North Texas-based Code 3 Emergency Partners, LLC, is located at Terminal D, near gate 27, inside the secure side of the airport. With four patient rooms, an on-site pharmacy, X-ray and laboratory, patients can find fast care for acute medical needs. Additionally, Code 3 opened a new emergency room on the south end of the DFW Airport this summer. Both supplement the emergency care services offered through the airport, which includes ambulance, fire and EMS care. But this new convenience has become popular among both travelers and employees, notes Founder and CEO of Code 3 Emergency Partners Carrie de Moor, M.D., who is an emergency medicine physician and a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. “Code 3 is extremely excited to provide convenient access to unscheduled acute care within the airport’s international Terminal D. We knew that with more than 60,000 employees representing many employers onsite every day and more than 60 million passengers traveling through the airport every year, there was a definite need for this service,” she said. Travelers through DFW Airport can make their health and wellness a priority with Code 3 Urgent Care & Pharmacy Access in North Texas There you are, living life, when all of a sudden, there’s a reminder that you are, indeed, human. SUMMER 2018 WWW.NTC-DFW.ORG 31