NTX Magazine Volume 9 - Page 16

THE FUTURE belongs to those who don’t wait. who won’t settle. who never rest. For 75 years, UT Southwestern has brought together the brightest minds, the most innovative and dedicated As one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers, UT Southwestern is educating the next generation of researchers. Their work has yielded revolutionary discoveries and pioneering advancements in medicine. caregivers — over 3,600 medical, graduate, and health professions students. Its doctors, nurses, and medical Currently, some 5,800 research projects are underway, fueled by more than $427 million a year in funding. technicians deliver an extraordinary level of care. Creating a brighter, healthier future for North Texas, today. 6 5 , 800 Nobel Laureates 35 Members of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Medicine, or Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators 3 , 600 Medical, graduate, and health professions students Research projects currently underway To learn more about the future of medicine, today, visit utswmed.org