NTX Magazine Volume 5 - Page 78

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT Science and Technology The term originated during WWII, when Lockheed’s Advanced Development Projects Division worked in a closely guarded incubator – a circus tent – to design the P-80 Shooting Star. The tent was set up next to a plastics factory in Burbank, CA, and gave off a strong, foul smell that inspired workers to think of the ‘Skunk Works’ factory from the Li’l Abner comic strip. With all the innovation – sans the foul smell – the term ‘skunk works’ could easily apply to pioneering companies in the North Texas area who are not letting traditional corporate roadblocks slow them on a path toward innovation. These highly trained and skilled teams work on projects that might never get done otherwise, bringing ingenuity to R&D projects at other large organizations, with an exceptional amount of freedom to create and innovate. to ART Bringing those projects across the finish line is what excites Scott Goodwin, creative director of IDEAS, a concept development group in Farmers Branch that prides itself on turning the abstract into the tangible. IDEAS is a small group of talented technicians – engineers, designers, distribution experts and more – who specialize in fields so diverse they could only be included under the one umbrella of “innovation.” Another corporate client, HKG Duty Free, based in Florida, turned to IDEAS to find a way to achieve a high-end luxury look for duty-free merchandise in border town crossings between the U.S. and Mexico. The challenge? Design store fixtures that required minimal contractor finish-out, could be installed in three days – and could fit an entire store in one 53-foot trailer. Departs Terminal A Greyscale No problem, said Jon Yamamoto, director of engineering for IDEAS. Trip planning and easy payment with GoPass . “Our process, set of disciplines and balance of perspectives provides a framework to analyze ideas and challenges in the abstract, providing clarity of SM Blackline NTX Pub DART to Art 2.416” x 9.75” 76 161-095-515 www.ntc-dfw.org FALL/WINTER 2015 CMYK • Built 100% • May 18, 2015 161-095-515 NTX Pub_Dart_Art_2.416 w x 9.75h_Ad.indd 1 vision by revealing unforeseen obstacles and opportunities,” Yamamoto said. “Because we know how things are made, we deliver solutions with amazing speed and velocity.” Out-of-the-box thinking is what led Connecticut-based commercial furnishings and architectural products company ICF to begin a partnership with IDEAS to turn-key design, manufacturing and distribution of acoustic panels to be used in today’s commercial environments. When architects and designers needed to use ICF products in unique ways, IDEAS would create the specialty products for the custom applications. Out of that grew a need for a line of decorative, off-the-shelf acoustic products, which ICF asked IDEAS to create. IDEAS developed the products and also created a DFWbased manufacturing and distribution solution Corporate entities from around the world call on this North Texas company to find solutions. Cosentino, a company from Spain, asked IDEAS to solve the problem of how to showcase architectural and design products in-store in a cost-effective way that would allow products like quartz, marble and granite to shine in a high-touch environment. The challenge to engineering was to marry an enticing design aesthetic with a high-value function, implement it and ensure ease of installation in stores around the world. DART Rail serves the major downtown hotels, shops, restaurants and attractions. Full color Scott Goodwin with IDEAS 5/19/15 4:18 PM Photography: Barbara Berry