NTX Magazine Volume 5 - Page 76

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT Science and Technology of talent, entrepreneurial attitude and ready capital are the kindle needed to fuel the gaming industry – and North Texas has all in abundance. “You need a place that has some heat to it,” he said. “There’s that growth that happens because it’s an area that is very conducive to it.” Beyond gaming, beyond good business, beyond an excellent education, there is more behind the magic at SMU Guildhall, notes Brubaker about a higher vision shared by the faculty and a movement of which their students will be an integral part. “Samsung developed their VR gear here using one of our alumni,” Brubaker said. “The world of VR is completely uncivilized territory: no one knows what or how it’s going to be. We have students doing research on what monetization models make sense next. The interactive technology and games is one that’s always been addicted to change.” “If you look back through history, every time there is a new medium of connection, it impacts society and enables huge social shifts. These interactive virtual spaces are going to define how culture and society is going to be put together. It’s not just a career or entertainment medium; really, what our students are learning is how these tools are going to influence what humans are going to be like in the next 100 years.” Brubaker notes that in his years in the industry, there has never been a more exciting time of change and growth. A unique combination of a specialized pool To illustrate his point, Brubaker points out that his twins, now teenagers, most enjoy playing an online game with a contingent of friends they have never met in Finland. It’s a far cry from Pong in Southern California, and it’s the kind of innovation that’s happening right here in North Texas. All of the Innovation – None of the Smell Communications scholar and pioneer Everett Rogers, Ph.D., defined the term ‘skunk works’ as “an especially enriched environment that is intended to help a small group of individuals design a new i