NTX Magazine Volume 5 - Page 72

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT Science and Technology The public’s support of the initiative was also abundant: a year before opening, museum leaders announced they had already met the $185 million campaign fundraising goal. The Perot Museum was built entirely with private donations. The 180,000-square-foot Perot Museum stands approximately 14 stories tall in downtown Dallas’s Victory Park. The overall building mass was conceived as a large cube floating over a landscaped plinth, or base. Inside the innovative landmark are five floors filled with 11 permanent exhibit halls, state-of-the-art traveling exhibition gallery designed to host world-class exhibitions, an education wing equipped with six Learning Labs and a cinema. The exhibit halls feature video and 3D computer animation with thrilling, life-like simulation. Tabletop landscapes and computer-generated fly-overs provide eye-popping entertainment, while hands-on activities, interactive kiosks and educational games engage and excite visitors of ]