NTX Magazine Volume 5 - Page 55

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT Education and Workforce N orth Texas is often lauded for having a well-educated workforce, and that begins with the higher education institutions right here in the DFW area. From engineering to nursing to business and beyond, thousands of bright individuals are being trained, inspired and motivated by institutions that are pushing the boundaries of what's possible for thousands of students each year. A Cinderella Story in Education This story will one Several years ago, partnering with PepsiCo, he turned the school’s former football field into a 100-yard farm called the “WE over ME Farm” that produces spinach, potatoes, herbs and other produce. The farm not only gives 10 percent of the gross yield to the community, it also produced partnerships with Yale and other institutions for the study of the impact of urban farming. In doing so, they also picked up a major customer, Legends Hospitality, a venue management firm partially owned by the Dallas Cowboys that provides food services for the Cowboys’s AT&T Stadium. But losing a football field in Texas? President Sorrell answered that with, “If you can’t eat, you can’t tackle.” day begin with "Once upon a time," because Paul Quinn College is indeed a Cinderella story. In 2007, with declining student enrollment, low morale