NTX Magazine Volume 5 - Page 49

Spotlight on north texas La Buena Vida House While La Buena Vida Youth Leadership Foundation worked to create job skill training and business-focused programs for high school students in North Texas, they realized there was a problem. Some of the high school students they were helping, were faithfully attending school and making good grades, but had nowhere to sleep at night because they were homeless. With support from the North Texas community and the City of Irving, a plan went into place to build the first La Buena Vida House in Irving, TX. This house will be a home for 12-18 young men in high school who have lost their parents to terminal illness, incarceration, abuse or abandonment but have the self determination to complete their high school education and graduate with their peers. While living at the house, the students will receive continuous training from leaders in the business community on leadership, financial literacy and business ethics while sharpening their soft skills to give them an edge above many of their peers in the competitive North Texas job market. La Buena Vida House will welcome its first residents as the 2015-2016 school year begins and plans for a La Buena Vida House for girls is already in the works. La Buena Vida is Spanish for “the good life” because that is what the future will hold for these special young North Texans.