NTX Magazine Volume 5 - Page 48

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT Education and Workforce with their loved one. It’s easy to see a cor- tite blond with Today, Baker puts her experience to work relation to absent parents and increased a smile, for PEP, recruiting executives to help these risk for prison: one-third of PEP graduates Baker has a law prisoners get lives that are back on track alone grew up with at least one parent being degree, an MBA like hers. incarcerated, and half of them had absent – fathers. Breaking the cycle of incarceration time served. A is a benefit to society that programs like poor shy and prison decision to drive herself PEP can claim. PEP is seeking donations of funds and also time. The benefits to donors, and to society at large, are substantial. Natalie Baker, executive relations manager for PEP, emphasizes the gratitude of the population served. home after a few drinks with friends one night led the practicing lawyer to a car accident caused by intoxicated driving while texting. Never having been on the wrong side of the law before, Baker experienced the full extent of its power and was sen- “The people in prison do want to better themselves, and they are capable of doing that,” she said. “They need a little bit of guidance and rehabilitation. They want to become contributing members of society.” tenced to 10 years in a medium-security No one knows this better than Baker, who experienced this yearning first-hand. A pe- 46 www.ntc-dfw.org FALL/WINTER 2015 prison. For Baker, it wa