NTX Magazine Volume 5 - Page 44

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT Education and Workforce FROM HARD TIME TO BIG TIME I t was a lifetime of shortcuts taken that ultimately landed Kevin Rainey in prison PEP is based on the idea that prison inmates — former gang leaders, drug dealers and as a convicted felon. Now the owner of even those with violent offenses — have a successful and growing transpor- untapped, yet misdirected, potential. Their tation business, Uptown Transportation, entrepreneurship skills were learned the Rainey likens his former approach to life hard way and were built on sheer hustle. to making bad decisions in traffic. By directing this potential toward positive, self-sustaining initiatives in ethical busi- “Always looking for the shortcut became ness practices, former offenders can find my way of life,” he remembers. “I have themselves working hard toward a much owned my own transportation company better life for themselves and their families. it’s traffic or business, shortcuts don’t get you ahead. Just like when you’re driving and trying to get around faster and you end up thinking, ‘I should have just stayed on the course and stayed on the path!’ That was my life before this program.” Self-realization like this is one of the most important aspects of a program that is taking prisoners and helping them give themselves a second chance at a successful life. The Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) is a non-profit organization launched in 2004 that empowers inmates to strive for total life transformation through an education process led by top business and academic talent. This innovative program connects the nation’s top executives, entrepreneurs and MBA