NTX Magazine Volume 4 - Page 71

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHTS Logistics General Antoine Henri Jomini wrote in 1838 that logistics is the “practical art of moving armies.” Logistics may not be new, but technology advances keep the industry moving forward in North Texas. B Home Run for Local Business There’s certainly some forward thinking going on at Perimeter Global Logistics (PGL). A third-party logistics provider located in Irving, this young company has already seen it all. One such customer of PGL is a big hit in North Texas and with baseball fans everywhere -- the Texas Rangers. Every year the team attends spring training camp in Surprise, Ari., which necessitates the move of 60 players, the team’s exercise equipment, sports equipment such as masks, balls, uniforms and health equipment – in all, approximately five truckloads of equipment. It comes as no surprise that this has to be done correctly. Dustin Eash, CFO for PGL, walks through the process. “We go out to the ballpark, and we pack the equipment, wrap it up, blanket it, palletize it and take it out to Arizona, unload and put it where it needs to go. We then keep a truck out there for times when they might play a game in Phoenix, and our drivers will load it all up and take it to the game and back again. And, depending on who the player is, we’ve had to ship Harleys out there, golf clubs, personal effects, or move their wife and small kids out there for a couple of months.” PGL also manages the delivery of the team’s promotional items throughout the year, such as hats, beanie babies, etc. “We manage the logistics from manufacturing to the game,” said Eash, “And if that product’s late, they don