NTX Magazine Volume 4 - Page 55

industry spotlight Logistics What does this mean for a state so entrenched in trucking? While trucking has a history in U.S. commerce as old as roads themselves, technology and clients’ changing business needs have asked the trucking industry to forge a new path. Trucking into Texas “Technology is clearly where everything is headed. The more efficient you can be, the more effective you can be,” said Brad Price, director of sales and business development for Bear Transportation, a fully licensed transportation brokerage company located in Plano, Texas. Price notes that Bear is a differentiator in the market because of its high-touch, transparent communication and collaboration with customers and carrier partners. Always seeking synergy among its network of 1,800-plus customers, Bear focuses on sales within top metro shipping points and develops carrier relationships to reduce costs associated with transportation. “All of this is supported by our technology team and proprietary transportation management software,” said Price. “We approach our business with a model of continuous improvement to create a more efficient and effective team to support our business.” Last year, Bear shipped 90,000 loads for customers, concentrating on specific metropolitan areas. For them, DFW is number one as the largest inbound and outbound shipping area with carriers, with Houston being second. “North Texas plays a critical role in the overall trucking industry,” says Price. “And it accounts for one out of every 16 jobs in the