NTX Magazine Volume 4 - Page 45

Transplant recipient Wes Filer cherishes every moment with his grandchildren. Jan. 26, 08:42 The donor’s heart is evaluated and deemed acceptable by Dr. Jane McKinnon, the organ procurement specialist working with Dr. Peltz and Mr. Filer, the patient. She reviews heart studies on the organ to ensure its match and viability for the patient. Jan. 26, 09:00 Care teams at UT Southwestern receive word from Dr. McKinnon that the transplant will move forward. Mr. Filer is taken to the OR at St. Paul University Hospital. Anesthesia is given to Mr. Filer and monitoring lines are placed by Dr. Chen Shi. Jan. 26, 10:17 Dr. Peltz makes the first incision into Mr. Filer’s chest, beginning the surgery that will give Mr. Filer a new heart. Jan. 26, 10:34 The donor’s heart is cross-clamped and then excised over the next 10 minutes. It is flushed with preservation solution. Jan. 26, 12:10 The donor heart arrives at St. Paul. Cardiopulmonary bypass has already started and Mr. Filer’s diseased native heart has been excised. Jan. 26, 12:31 Dr. Peltz begins implanting the donor’s heart into Mr. Filer. Jan. 26, 13:01 Blood flow to the heart is reestablished. Mr. Filer’s new heart begins beating on its own. Jan. 26, 13:42 Mr. Filer is separated from the heartlung bypass machine in the OR. Jan. 26, 15:00 Mr. Filer is wheeled into the ICU at St. Paul. Nurses immediately begin round-the-clock watch on him. Jan. 27, 19:00 Care teams decide Mr. Filer is able to breathe on his own, and his breathing tube is removed. Over the coming days, he begins to see a steady stream of family members and friends, greeting him and wishing him well. Feb. 5 Mr. Filer is discharged from St. Paul and begins his outpatient recovery process with his new heart. Winter/Spring 2015 www.ntc-dfw.org 43