NTX Magazine Volume 4 - Page 30

Spotlight on north texas All-Aboard for Smiles Running steadily for 25 years, seven days a week, the train network at Children’s Health of Texas is the largest train-scape in the world in a hospital lobby. Felder Fitzgerald Jr. refers to himself as the “Train Doctor” or “the Conductor” and is one of four builders that designed the train including Malcolm Furlow, Chris Comport and Connie Martinez. Beginning the project in 1989, they worked seven days a week and into the early hours of the mornings to finish within six months. The train display depicts a current Dallas area; the mountainous terrain of Pikes Peak in Colorado; Mt. Rushmore monuments; the buttes of Utah; Big Boulder rocks and the Garden of the Gods in Colorado and Arizona. Over the years, they have built new scenes and towns and are always changing and adding different ‘characters’ of interest, usually selecting characters based on popular story books and children’s movies. 28 www.ntc-dfw.org Winter/Spring 2015