NTX Magazine Volume 3 - Page 65

Industry spotlight Sustainability representing hundreds of family members,” explains Pechet. “By using a smarter approach to their water consumption, they were able to save 55 million gallons of water annually.” That translates to savings of about 220,000 kilowatts of electricity and 288,000 pounds of carbon from being pumped into the air. Other clients include corporates like American Airlines and large real estate enterprises like Billingsley Company. Water conservation is a top priority for Billingsley Company, notes Vice President of Property Services Becky Rowland. “Banyan Water recommended centralized, smart irrigation management retrofits of our existing irrigation controls systems, which helped us achieve a 65 percent water reduction in the first year,” explained Rowland. “Their recommendation and implementation of water quality management allowed Billingsley to convert from potable water to salty well water. This system allowed us to eliminate our landscapes’ dependence on potable water resources and replace synthetic nitrate/phosphate fertilizers with direct injection of organic nutrients to our landscape plants as they are irrigated with our well water. The water management strategy Billingsley Company now employs includes real-time well/aquifer monitoring to assure protection of groundwater sup- plies. “Banyan Water now provides Billingsley with long-range water planning at our Austin Ranch and Cypress Waters developments to optimize and sustain our alternative water resources, keeping our company at the forefront of water conservation in Texas,” Rowland said. High-tech Approach for Savings The name “Banyan” comes from the Banyan tree, which is visually striking because its roots grow in the air. Thousands of miles of pipes, pumps and valves weave underground to make up our water system. That system is hard to manage because it’s invisible. Banyan Water’s high-tech approach, using the latest in software and monitoring solutions – allows customers to visualize a previously hidden root system, much like the Banyan tree. The company’s difference goes beyond its technology. “Many great technology solutions fail because they aren’t managed by the right people with the right incentives,” says Pechet. “We manage client systems every day as a service and have an incentive to make sure our clients receive an economic and environmental benefit.” Whether it’s conserving the “black gold” of oil and gas or life-sustaining dihydrogen oxide, North Texans are innovating, finding ways to be green, live green and save green, one sustainable approach at a time. “By using a smarter approach to their water consumption, they were able to save 55 million gallons of water annually.” It’s a simple concept. Keep litter from polluting North Texas waterways. And we could use your help. Each year thousands of tons of trash and debris are washed from streets, parking lots, and parks into the nearest creek or river. From there it flows downstream into reservoirs and becomes part of our drinking water supplies. Join the cities of Arlington, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Mansfield, and the Tarrant Regional Water District in a regional campaign to Reverse Litter. Let’s create a movement that makes a difference. Join the conversation: Contact us at ReverseLitter@trwd.com to find out how to get your city involved. 63