NTX Magazine Volume 3 - Page 64

Industry spotlight Sustainability Why is North Texas good for innovators? “The North Texas community is coming together to provide resources all along the life cycle of the startup with a give-before-you-take mentality that helps not only one start up, but all of the companies in the entire ecosystem. ” Trey Bowles Co-founder and CEO, Dallas Entrepreneur Center ”Because we are not just one city but rather multiple cities, there are support services that people can access no matter where they are. They can even find multiple versions of it, and I think that’s good. I believe that innovation happens when there is chaos, so lots of different support systems breeds more innovation. ” Darlene Boudreaux Executive Director, TECH Fort Worth “Entrepreneurial attitude, the pioneering attitude that most Texans have. Attitude is definitely everything. All the resources are here. There is more money here than in most states and loads of talent. It’s the perfect storm. ” Gabrielle Draney Tech Wildcatters “North Texas has a history of companies who have innovated here -- small and large companies that have bred a culture of innovation. We see innovation thriving here because we build companies, not brands. We have an economy here where any company can thrive because any kind of customer, partner or resource is here. ” Jeremy Vickers Dallas Entrepreneur Center 62 Water We Waiting For? I n looking at sustainability, many wonder what the top consumer of electrical power is. Expensive and easy to waste, the answer surprises most: it’s water. One North Texas company sees an opportunity in saving water that results in cost savings for their clients and a greener, more sustainable solution to using this precious commodity in North Texas. Banyan Water capitalizes on opportuniti \