NTX Magazine Volume 3 - Page 62

Industry spotlight sustainability News Briefs CNG to fuel DART DART will convert its entire bus fleet to compressed natural gas and signed a multi-year agreement with Clean Energy Fuels to maintain its four CNG fueling stations. DART plans to convert its entire 650-bus fleet to CNG to support its transportation service in the North Texas area. Once fully deployed, these vehicles are forecasted to use approximately 7.5 million diesel gallon-equivalents per year. Clean Energy designed and built the four CNG fueling stations for the DART network in 2012. Bike trail will link dallas to fort worth Plans are in the works to connect Dallas to Fort Worth via bicycle trails. Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, an avid cyclist, is a major supporter of the plan, which would use 30 miles of existing trails in Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving and Dallas and connect them with 34 miles of additional trails. Of the 34 miles yet to be built, 10 miles have secured funding and have been planned. The remaining 24 miles could cost as much as $30 million because they require bridges to traverse rivers and highways, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. The project will likely take a decade to complete, but cities can apply for grants from the 2014 Transportation Alternatives Program starting in February. 60 Driving Change NRG eVgo is creating the nation’s first privately-funded, electric vehicle ecosystem, providing charging solutions to consumers and businesses F or many North Texans, the allure of the vehicle that never needs a stop at a gas station is a strong one. No oil changes, fewer tune-ups – a lack of an engine, transmission, spark plugs, valves, fuel tank, muffler, distributor and catalytic converter means there are 10 times fewer moving parts than a traditional, gas-powered car. Reducing carbon emissions means cleaner, greener air. The satisfaction of more green in your wallet and for your planet is a strong reason for many to give up an addiction to gasoline, exchanging it for a plug-in electric vehicle (EV) that drives a whole new way to get us from point A to point B. North Texas is well-equipped to foster that kind of passion for EVs. According to PlugShare, the most comprehensive database و