NTX Magazine Volume 3 - Page 53

QA department has cleared. So if those chains run out of the product during a busy holiday, they are limited to only receiving a certain kind, rather than buying what might be readily available in their local markets. Therefore, a fast shipment from the approved provider is pertinent to the restaurants to continue offering their specialty sandwich. Rather than hire a refrigerated trailer to make a delivery that would take less than a quarter of the container’s space, and not be able to access the individual stores because of their size, the restaurant chain would need a way to get that product quickly and directly into their stores. That’s where a company like SCL Cold Chain comes in to offer a variety of ways to get that certain chicken breast into consumers’ hands. “The bulk of our ingenuity is in first-mile and lastmile,” said Severin. “We have the 53-foot trailers, but we also run trucks and vans that can easily get into those areas where the stores are. That way, the customer doesn’t have to wait for the next route truck in a week – we can get them the product now.” The need for temperature-controlled transfers is Special Delivery SCL Cold Chain president Bryan Severin (right) with co-workers Mike Barnett (left) and Zach Guthrie. Headquartered at DFW Airport, SCL Cold Chain specializes in the distribution of climatecontrolled freight. 51