NTX Magazine Volume 3 - Page 39

Industry spotlight health care The process is being compared against other, traditional methods for fibroid removal and treatment. “HIFU is completely non-invasive – no catheters, like uterine artery emobolization, or surgery, like hysterectomy or myomectomy,” notes Chopra. “It also appears to have a shorter recovery period, with most patients returning to normal activity the same day or the next, and there seems to be less post-treatment pain. In principle, the ability to see the fibroid and the temperatures to which we are heating them should also improve the accuracy of treatment. It could become the standard of care for fibroids.” Chopra and his colleagues at the Advanced Imaging Research Center have an intense focus on using targeted heat therapies guided by MRI, and they are not planning to stop with fibroids. They are also currently working on an MRI-guided transurethral ultrasound device to treat localized prostate cancer, possibly redefining how that type of cancer will be treated in men in the future. “The crucial aspect is to get sufficient heating uniformity of the target, which minimizes the damaging effects on the tumor,” said Dr. Ralph Mason, professor in the department of radiology and director of the Cancer Imaging Program at UT Southwestern. “MRI provides the capability to make those measurements, and Dr. OPEN FOR BUSINESS Amphitheater at Oak Point Park Noninvasive Dr. Rajiv Chopra, associate professor of radiology at UT Southwestern, is studying the use of targeted heat therapies to burn fibroids. Chopra is a pioneer in the development and application of this technology in animal models and patients.” Early Detection is Key “It’s no cure for cancer.” We hear that a lot. But one North Texas researcher is okay with that – because he is working on a solution that may be one of the most reliable and accessible tests for the development of polyps that lead to colon cancer. A cure for cancer? No. A ground-breaking screening method that could find a deadly form of cancer even before a colonoscopy? It most certainly looks like it. Plano.gov Legacy Town Center Environmental Education Center The City of Plano defines excellence. With world-class