NTX Magazine Volume 3 - Page 34

Spotlight on North Texas voices of wylie wylie municipal complex Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen of Living Lenses designed Voices of Wylie, a 13-by-7-foot stainless steel interactive sculpture, one of three public artworks dedicated in 2011 at the City of Wylie’s Municipal Complex. Voices of Wylie features a sequence of hemispheres that spiral toward each other, surrounding a complete sphere at the center. Inspiration for the piece was drawn from a public meeting where citizens recalled Wylie’s rich history as the “Onion Capital of the World. ” The sculpture conceals a speaker connected to two keyboards: one in the Recreation Center and one in the Smith Public Library. Visitors are invited to type their thoughts, expressions and emotions, which are then translated into Braille text dots and turned into music through an electronic sampler. 32