NTX Magazine Volume 3 - Page 30

Industry Spotlight Aviation to grow across the globe, this Textron, Inc. company headquartered in Fort Worth, is expanding its international footprint, bringing the best of North Texas to an audience around the world. But the company continues to invest in its home base, as well; Bell Helicopter is currently revitalizing existing structures, consolidating operations to a central location and building a new headquarters in Fort Worth. Renovations and new construction use Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) practices, and the company has set a goal to reduce 20 percent of waste and energy use at its facilities by 2015. Despite the U.S. government challenges and economic sluggishness, Bell continues to be a leader in technology and research in the aircraft industry. The company’s current and future projects read like something once only created in sci-fi movies or comic books. Is it fiction or reality? You decide. Piloting Innovation Al Norman, chief test pilot for Lockheed Martin, has more than 6,000 hours of flight time. “We make a difference not only for our country but our compatriots who are doing things.” zation and overall development of this system was done in North Texas. “The engineers here not only developed the helmet, but they also take it and make sure all the software integrates,” said Norman. “Then, they test it in a flying laboratory in Fort Worth before importing all the software and hardware into the aircraft.” There are approximately 100 F-35 jets in the world, each one equipped with this Texas-born technology. Currently, the Fort Worth team is working on a new generation of helmet that will add a micro inertial measurement system, as well as advanced electronic camera technology. The “synthetic vision” concept’s tremendous versatility is being looked at for applications including aircraft carriers and also in the world of civilian aviation. “I think that everyone I work with works here because we know we can make a difference. We make a difference not only for our country but our compatriots who are doing things. Everyone is very proud to work on this product,” said Norman. “When they talk about it, I see their smiles from ear to ear. “Personally, every time I go from my ground of