NTX Magazine Volume 2 - Page 55

Lake Texoma Pottsboro 82 North Texas Regional Airport Denison Sherman 289 380 The imports and exports take advantage of Korean Air’s daily cargo and passenger flights to Seoul’s Incheon International Airport where some products continue on to Japan, Singapore, China and other parts of Southeast Asia. Forming Partnerships The growth in international destinations increases the opportunities for FTZ alliances abroad between DFW Airport and international airports, such as with the recently added Emirates daily service to Dubai. “We now have access to over 1,200 companies in Dubai and their Foreign-Trade Zone,” said John Terrell, DFW Airport’s vice president of commercial development. “When they are in an FTZ you know they are companies that do foreign business. We have raised awareness about DFW, not just the airport, but the DFW region in the minds of the UAE citizens and businesses through our alliance.” And more opportunities lie in the Middle East and Asia because “they see one of their biggest markets as South America, and they need a central location in America to bridge the two continents,” Terrell said. The Alliance hub comprises 9,600 acres of AllianceTexas, the 17,000-acre master-planned, mixedwww.ntc-dfw.org 120 82 75 380 Frisco McKinney 289 75 Dallas N Newly opened 220 acres along SH 289 and adjacent to our western runway No city taxes, No unions, great workforce Uncongested Class D airspace Manned control tower 12/7 - ILS and GPS No red tape, business friendly 9,000 ft runway & 8,000 ft runway in reserve Free trade zone , triple freeport exemption NTX Magazine 53