NTX Magazine Volume 2 - Page 32

Feature Story Sports community. It’s the common denominator that bridges political, socioeconomic and cultural divide.” The City of Arlington, located between Dallas and Fort Worth, is home to the Rangers and Cowboys. The Rangers, led by Japan-native Yu Darvish, capped its 2012 season by setting a club-record for attendance at 3.46 million in 81 games at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The Dallas Cowboys, often referred to as America’s Team, led the NFL in average home attendance at more than 85,000 fans per game. The team plays at Cowboys Stadium, one of the premier venues in the country, home to Super Bowl XLV and the annual Cotton Bowl Classic. Maher Maso, Frisco’s mayor, knows firsthand how sports can impact a city’s economy and profile. With civic leaders aware that a city’s property and sales tax revenues “tend to flatten as age goes up,” they turned to sports, Maso said. Creating a sports complex to draw franchises and tournaments would create a third revenue stream to keep the city vibrant. So Frisco has methodically created the infrastructure and facilities to house everything from a professional sports franchise to a minor league team, from an Olympics-level gymnastic training company to a burgeoning cricket association. Throw in standard youth offerings such as aquatics, soccer, baseball and softball, and you have a veritable sports mecca. The city vision is working. In spring of 2011, Men’s Journal named Frisco the best place to raise an athlete. And to date, three of the city’s sports facilities house several major and minor league teams. The last three years, the NCAA Football championship subdivision game has been held at the FC Stadium in Frisco. International Leagues Any wonder Brit