NTX Magazine Volume 2 - Page 17

Andres Ruzo, Chairman and CEO of LinkAmerica North Texas is economically, geographically and technologically positioned to catapult businesses to connect and grow globally. In addition it has a significant strength in its diverse and knowledge-based workforce. It provided our best choice for driving innovation, collaboration and for expanding “Near Shore” service support and service delivery platforms, key for companies that are seeking North - South trade within the emergent Americas consumer markets. El Norte de Texas esta posicionado económica, geográfica y tecnológicamente para catapultar y conectar negocios globalmente. Además cuenta con una gran fortaleza en la diversidad y conocimientos de su fuerza laboral. Fue nuestra mejor decisión para innovar, colaborar y para expandir plataformas de servicios de soporte y gestión “Near Shore”, claves para empresas que buscan crecer su comercio Norte - Sur, entre los mercados emergentes de las Américas. Maestro Jaap Van Zweden, Dallas Symphony Orchestra I was very excited when I was asked to be the Dallas Symphony’s Music Director. The positive spirit of business leaders in North Texas was felt from my very first visit. That positive focus guides our orchestra and the excellence we strive for in our music-making. “Ik was erg enthousiast toen ik werd gevraagd om de Dallas Symphony’s Music directeur. De positieve geest van zakelijke leiders in Noord-Texas werd gevoeld van mijn eerste bezoek. Die positieve aandacht leidt ons orkest, en de uitmuntendheid streven we naar in onze muziek maken. “ Marc Paganini, President and CEO of American Eurocopter “Our company has had roots in North Texas since 1969, when it partnered with Vought Helicopters to market Aerospatiale helicopters in the U.S. Since that time American Eurocopter and its predecessor companies have enjoyed great success in significant part due to the business environment of North Texas and the fine people here that have built this company.” “Notre entreprise a ses racines dans le nord du Texas depuis 1969, quand elle s’est associée avec Vought Helicopters afin de commercialiser sur le marché américain les hélicoptères d’Aérospatiale. Depuis ce temps, American Eurocopter et ses prédécesseurs ont connu un grand succès en grande partie à cause de l’environnement prospère des affaires dans la region Nord-Texane et de la grande qualité professionnelle des gens qui ont construit cette société.” Alon USA initially decided to be based in North Texas, as the predecessor was based there. This proved to be a correct decision due to Texas being the ideal location for conducting business coast to coast (enhanced by the world class international airport), no state income tax and the low cost of living, which is good for our employees and executives. The strong population growth in North Texas means regional investments will outperform other markets. The welcoming pro-Israel environment means political challenges are minimized. Texas is a lone star state and Israel, carrying the Star of David on its flag, shares the same principals. As my chairman once said, Texans do what they say and say what they mean. In Hebrew, we call that “Tachles” – no beating around the bush. That is a fundamental advantage for doing business! .‫בתחילה, החברה שלנו החליטה להיות מבוססת בצפון טקסס מאחר וקודמנו התבסס שם‬ ‫החלטה זו התבררה כנכונה מאחר וטקסס הינהבמיקום אידיאלי לניהול עסקים מחוף לחוף (משופר על ידי שדה‬ ‫התעופה בינלאומי מהשורה הראשונה), אין מס הכנסה מדינתי, עלות המחייה נמוכה יחסית, דבר שהינו טוב‬ ‫לעובדים ומנהלים, וגידול האוכלוסייה המשמעותי מביא להשקעות אזוריות על פני שווקים אחרים. הסביבה‬ ‫מסבירת הפנים למשקיעים ישראלים משמעותה מינימום אתגרים פוליט