NTX Magazine Volume 2 - Page 16

? We asked international executives Why North Texas Being business and family friendly, North Texas provides many advantages for our company and employees. In 1996, we located the headquarters for Samsung Telecommunications America in Richardson because of proximity to partners and accessibility for our employees. 삼성전자 북미통신법인 손대일 법인장에 따르면, “North Texas는 기업 및 가정 친화적이며, 삼성과 임직원들에게 많은 혜택을 주고 있습니다. 사업 파트너들과 임직원들의 접근성이 용이하여, 삼성 북미통신법인 본사는 1996년부터 Richardson에 위치해 있습니다. Dale Sohn, President Samsung Telecommunications America “Wistron is delighted to be making McKinney the home of our U.S. electronics recycling operation. McKinney, in the North Texas region, is an excellent community for our employees to live and work. City government from the administrations and City Council plus McKinney Economic Development Corp. have all been extremely helpful and supportive during the entire process, welcoming our green recycling business to their community.” “緯創很高興能將電子產品回收作業北美總部設在北德州的麥肯尼 市, 這是員工居住和工作的優良城市。 麥肯尼市長, 市議員以及市政 府和麥肯尼市經濟發展公司的高層行政人員都非常支持我們的發 展計畫, 也很歡迎我們將綠能產業進駐麥肯尼市。 ” Joseph Hsu, General Manager Wistron GreenTech (Texas) Corp. 14 NTX Magazine Because we can invest our funds for a fraction of what it would cost overseas and domestically on both the east and the west coast. Buradayiz cunku uluslararasi yada Amerika’nin hem dogu hem de bati yakasindaki degerlerin cok kucuk bir kismiyla Dallas`da buyuk yatirimlar yapabiliyoruz. Mukemmel Sarimsakci, Managing Director Alterra International www.ntc-dfw.org