NTX Magazine Volume 1 - Page 6

THE MAGNETIC ATTRACTION OF NORTH TEXAS. North Texas remains one of the fastest-growing large regions in the country. T here’s an old saying that describes Texans perfectly: If you want something done, tell a Texan they can’t. That can-do mentality may reach as far back as when the Republic of Texas flag flew over the state, or when the first settlers traveled south to settle in the Lone Star State. No matter where its roots, it’s a sentiment that describes Texans – and North Texans – today, even those who migrated here from other parts of the United States or abroad. North Texas – the area of the state surrounding the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area – is made up of 12 counties and nearly 9,000 square miles (or more than 23,309 square kilometers), and within this area is a vibrant, diverse business economy with companies such as Exxon Mobil, AT&T and American Airlines head4 North Texas Magazine quartered here. The region’s 6.5 million people represent a range of cultures and demographics drawn to North Texas for its international roots. Nearly 3,000 international companies from 34 different countries have significant operations in this region. “Our region is a thriving cosmopolitan area with a sophisticated business environment,” said Mabrie Jackson, president and CEO of the North Texas Commission. During the most recent economic downturn, the North Texas economy remained relatively strong in comparison to many other regions of the United States. This was not unnoticed by other Americans. In his 2010 report, “Looking for the New New World,” Southern Methodist University’s O’Neil Center Director W. Michael Cox notes that from 2004 to 2008, net migration added more people to Texas than any other state with 500,000 migrants, the overwhelming majority arriving from within the country. What drew them to North Texas? www.ntc-dfw.org