NTX Magazine Volume 1 - Page 45

Industry Spotlight RELOCATION “We looked at Washington, D.C., Chicago and London.We wanted to be close to clients, first and foremost, and also close to the financial markets and government centers.” Keith Stephens, senior media director at Fluor Corporation Infrastructure and Culture Many businesses that relocate to North Texas cite the region’s convenient infrastructure and overall local proximity as two major benefits to moving into the area. North Texas is a 12-county region made up of two major cities, and just as important, its surrounding communities and suburbs. DFW’s corporate companies are distributed throughout the area – located in Dallas, Fort Worth and in between, which is a positive indication of the area’s strength and ease of navigation between cities and corporate centers. People can live and work anywhere in the region, and get to and from wherever they need to go – whether it’s to work, home or to meetings with suppliers and clients – all within a reasonable amount of time. This, according to Bridges, was a huge incentive for Comerica because it gives the company and its employees greater access to its suppliers, vendors and various resources necessary for business. “North Texas has a ready supply of diverse suppliers and vendors,” Bridges said, “and this is important to Comerica, as we continue to grow in Texas.” Stephens couldn’t agree more. Many of Fluor’s long-term vendors can be conveniently accessed in person and by car in less than an hour, while one of its major clients, Exxon Mobil, is headquartered directly across the street. From state and local incentives to infrastructure logistics and access to a major international airport, the combination of a positive business community and economic diversity within the