NTX Magazine Volume 1 - Page 38

Industry Spotlight HEALTH CARE North Texas is an Ideal Location for Success MedSynergies helps deliver innovative health care to clients A s one nternational of the fastest-growing companies in North Texas, Irving-based MedSynergies is a partner to the health care industry, assisting organizations, networks and physicians to meet the needs of the community. The company leverages its knowledge in hospital-physician alignment to provide revenue cycle management, practice management, consulting services, business process analysis and software integration. We sat down with MedSynergies President and CEO, John R. Thomas, and spoke with him about the North Texas region and why he feels it’s the perfect fit for him and his company. NTX: You work with health care organizations and individuals across the country. What made MedSynergies determine that this region was the right location for its headquarters? North Texas is a great environment for us to operate because it’s 36 North Texas Magazine concentrated with leading health care providers and has a growing population. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is home to several major hospitals and health systems, and has a steady supply of physician providers. Additionally, the area as a whole has experienced consistent population growth, escaping some of the worst effects of the economic downturn, which translates to a population in need of health care. We’re in the business of facilitating that care through the hospitalphysician relationship, which makes North Texas the ideal location for us to succeed. NTX: What are the benefits and/or advantages to the company for being located in North Texas? North Texas, and Texas for that matter, is well positioned relative to other areas of the country to weather the current economic storm. We have no state income tax, a low cost of living, an environment that is friendly to business and great educational institutions. We see more opportunity as health care reform drives physicians to seek the security of hospital relationships, whether through employment or affiliation. As a leading provider of the services that allow hospitals to not only manage, but also attract those physicians, we expect more growth in both North Texas and other key health care markets. NTX: Does being in this area give you greater access to suppliers or vendors, or other resources necessary for business? Considering Dallas-Fort Worth is the 14th largest metropolitan economy in the world, there are obvious reasons companies want to do business here. There’s a world-class airport, a highly educated workforce and a critical mass of corporate headquarters. In addition, we have one of our key partners here, Texas Health Resources, the largest health system in North Texas. Together, we’ve been able to tackle the tsunami of health care reforms to ensure consistent coordinated care fo