NTX Magazine Volume 1 - Page 22

Industry Spotlight AVIATION/DEFENSE “Lockheed has grown significantly since 2001, when we were awarded the development contract for the F-35 Lightning II fighter.” Joe Stout, director of communications for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in North Texas since the early days of flight, and the presence of associated industries in the area reflects it. American Airlines’ growth has been driven by the airline industry as a whole. Employing around 25,000 workers, the airline’s global routes connecting through its hub at DFW Airport have been a catalyst for regional growth. Its financial impact on the state is estimated at more than $26 billion annually, and much of that remains within the DFW area. 20 North Texas Magazine The North Texas region has proven to be an ideal location for growth and success. With its talented workforce, positive business climate and centralized location, the area continues to maintain its edge as a leader in the fields of aviation, aerospace and defense, affording both a national and global reach to customers and suppliers. z Bell Helicopter’s MV-22 Hero and Lockheed Martin’s F-35. www.ntc-dfw.org