NTFB Documents Canned Food Drive Handbook - Page 4

Who, What, When,

Where & How

Whether you have a team of people coordinating the drive, or you're taking the lead, your first step is to develop a plan of action for your Canned Food Drive. Review this handbook, then determine:

• Who will be the host organization or group, if any? Who will be in charge of planning and coordinating?

• What are your goals? How many canned food items do you want to collect during your drive? How many people will participate in your drive?

• When do you want your canned food drive to begin and end?

• Where will your collection boxes be located?

• How will you get the food you collect to the food bank?

Your Food Drive

Check List

1. Review this handbook!

2. Determine who will host, what your goals are, and when you will start your drive. (page 4)

3. Register your Canned Food Drive.

4. Pick up boxes from NTFB or another box pick-up location. (page 5)

5. Spread the word about your Canned Food Drive. (page 7)

6. Let the hunger fighting begin! Collect cans and other non-perishable items. (page 8)

7. Once your food drive has ended, arrange for pick-up of your donation OR drop off your donation. (page 10)