NTFB Documents Canned Food Drive Handbook - Page 3

Thank you for organizing a Canned Food Drive to help feed the hungry in North Texas! Through your food drive, you're helping to end hunger right here in our community.

Take a few minutes to look over this handbook. We hope the ideas and tips you find here will help you make your food drive a success!

The food you collect throughout your food drive will soon end up on the table of someone in need. It will provide more than a meal; for that hungry child, senior or family who has wondered where their next meal will come from, it means hope! While coordinating a food drive can be hard work, we hope you remember this impact you're making in the lives of those in need.

Because of people like you who

have committed their time and

energy to fight hunger, the North

Texas Food Bank is able to provide

access to 170,000 meals everyday

to those in need! We could not

do this work without dedicated

individuals like you!

Thank you again for your

commitment! We wish you

success and fun in your

upcoming food drive!


The NTFB team

Thank you!