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HOW TO Choosing the right seat cover After you have purchased a golf car, it is likely that some time after you will need to purchase new seat covers. A lot of people purchase some because they are more comfortable or simply because they want to change the look up. There is also the possibility that you purchased an affordable golf car that has torn or damaged seats. By purchasing new covers, you can make your golf car seem brand new once again. In order to get a good price, you should check out the different golf car seat covers on the market and find a retailer that is offering them for the best price. Keeping in Mind Your Specific Needs. When you begin shopping around for seat covers, it is important that you take into consideration the exact measurements you need. Instead of just picking up any standard covers and hoping they will fit, you should find out exactly how big you need them. Along with getting the right size, you should invest some time into checking out the different designs and textures available. By choos- ing seat covers which are padded and in an appealing color, you can get covers that look great and aren’t too pricey. Comparing Retailers for a Low Price. A lot of people spend more than they had intended be- cause they had chosen to visit only one retailer. Instead of spending a lot of money on seat covers at a local retailer, you should look into who will give you the very best price. Whether you shop online or in person, you just need to compare prices. Taking the time to check out different retailers will not only ensure that you get a great deal; it will also ensure that you have a large selection to look through. 48 WWW.GOLFCAROPTIONS.COM