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Peddle Master portable hand controls give you the freedom and independence you desire and deserve. Peddle Master is designed to give disabled people the ability to drive their vehicles on their own. As long as they have access to a vehicle with an auto- matic transmission, they can get behind the wheel and hit the road. The Peddle Master can control the brake and gas pedals, and it’s affordable and easy to transport. 1. They’re more affordable than a permanent hand control system 2. They work in almost any automatic transmission vehicle 3. They will decrease your dependence on others for transport Peddle Master, Inc 3597 Killey Circle, Johnstown, CO 80534 970.587.8962 | C&S CUSTOM GOLF CARTS Authorized Dealer For Lift Kits • Tires & Wheels • Seat Covers Motors • Electric & Gas 314.704.3655 NOVEMBER 2018 45