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NOVEMBER, 2018 W hen growing up on my family farm it was fun watch- ing the hydro provid- ers erect those tall wooden hydro poles on the roadside. First day after the workers shut down for the night, my dad and I would sneak over to get a clos- er look at their nifty golf carts. The damn things were wired with alarms and went off. It scared the cows and us something awful. We left a bunch of cow pies behind, but it was worth the trip to see how versatile golf carts are even in a cow pasture. THE GOLF CART CHRONICLES A Note From The Writer It has been so much fun playing with words to bring about amusing and entertaining stories portraying people and other living things as out of the ordinary. So, I wrote, and wrote, and wrote for over sixty- five years. Each article was stored away in a box never to see the light of day until now. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON Golf Cart Chronicles 1 & Golf Cart Chronicles 2 gol fca rT chronicles 2 By Suzy James lf Cart The Go les 2 Chronic lf Cart The Go les 2 Chronic of pilation s ous com t storie A humor g related shor olfin r/g ca lf go lation of A humorous compi golf car/golfing related short stories Suzy James itsnever2latebooks@g www.itsnever2lateboo By Suzy James T hat’s it for now; the real writer has writer’s block but will return soon with: “GOLF CARTS HAVE COME A LONG WAY!” (SERIES TWO) R egards, Badshot Duffer your imagi- nary Author NOVEMBER 2018 39