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T he numbers prove it: Would-be consumers who visit Build.ClubCar. com are more likely to contact local dealers like you about making a purchase. That’s the power of the internet. And a smart social media plan is key to making sure you harness that power to drive visits and sales to your dealership. GOLF CAR NEWS Seven Social Media Marketing Tips for Lo- cal Golf Cart Dealers How to make social do more for your dealership. BY RICHARD CHAPMAN With that in mind, we wanted to offer our partners across the country a few social media tips and trends to consider: Get Your Accounts in Or- der — Make sure all your pro- fessional social channels are operating as business versus personal accounts. Switching will make it easier to target and track your followers and fans. At minimum, open Face- book and Twitter Business accounts. They are the main social apps vehicle-purchas- ers use for research. Double check that your operating info (hours, address, phone numbers, etc.) is current and correct. Roll that Footage — Consum- ers are four times more likely to watch an informational video than read copy. Think about how you can use video to engage customers: product reviews and model launches, cart maintenance tips, 360° cart views, etc. Invest in an inexpensive mobile tripod and mic, and you can create quick videos on the fly. Keep them short, though. More than two minutes, and you’ll lose them. Know the Stars in Your Or- bit — Every community, even your local one, has its influ- encers. You can figure out the people and organizations your customers follow using free online tools. Reach out to them via social about follow and repost swaps, where you share and promote each other’s content. Take It to the People — User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most effec- tive ways to engage with customers on social. It’s authentic, cheap, and easy to track. Encourage your fans and follows to use your hashtags, p and promote your content with giveaways and contests (as allowed by law). Let them be your advo- cates online. Get Smart about Facebook Advertis- ing — Almost 84% of consumers use Facebook. Use Facebook ads to target select consumers, including those in your area, those interested in a certain type of vehicle,, etc. Vehicle ads on Facebook have double the click-through of the average Facebook promotion. Don’t Forget About Pinterest — Appeal to the women who drive purchase decisions and build up your dealership’s search-en- gine optimization (SEO) by sharing product shots and blog posts. Strong SEO means consumers are more likely to find you when you post online. Make it Look Good — You don’t need pro- fessionals to make your post look profes- sional. There are plenty online resource that can help you determine image sizes and other posting best practices. Spend an afternoon familiarizing yourself with a few. With these seven tips, you should be well on your way to building a meaningful so- cial presence. [Author Bio] Richard Chapman is a Con- sumer Market Segmentation Leader at Club Car. Contact him at Richard.Chap- for more tips on marketing your dealership. NOVEMBER 2018 35