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get a few extra warmup pitches. Or if the Nationals let him drive it. Glover, who is filling in as the Nationals’ closer after spending most of the sea- son recovering from a shoulder injury, is adamantly opposed to the bullpen cart. It does not seem like that will change any time soon. “I think it’s a terrible idea,” he said. “Now if the bullpen is across the street or something, I might take it. But it’s not, so I can run. I’m off on that.” Other Bullpen Carts: Detriot Tigers shorten games by a minute or two. He will also hope the Nationals don’t need to use it much Friday, with ace Max Scherzer taking the mound and the team needing a strong outing to aid its taxed relief corps. “If it makes the game quicker, awesome,” Martinez said with a smile. Some Nationals relievers, like Gott and Matt Grace, considered the cart from an analytical perspective. Gott will stick to his routine of jogging into the game but said he could see how some guys may want to steal an extra warmup pitch or two. Grace isn’t sure if the cart would get him to the mound faster, since it drives along the warning track in- stead of taking a straight line to the mound through the outfield grass. He would consid- er riding in it if time is saved, or if he could Arizona Diamondbacks NOVEMBER 2018 17