November 2017 Magazines 89144 - Page 43

Santa’s Workshop N Toys 4 Smiles Founded by Rex Doty, Toys 4 Smiles came to to witness toy makers in action. For fruition when Rex was inspired by a 2005 reality TV more than ten years, a local group of show that featured “The Happy Factory,” a Cedar dedicated volunteers have been churning out City, Utah based wooden toy factory that provides beautifully crafted, handmade wooden toys to children with handcrafted toy vehicles. Knowing h P&RvfVg&VRFG2FR2fVv2fWBfWrb2g&VG2g&fFWFW&6W&66FVBBC3RFV'FG&fR7VFR#VVBvGv&r2&'&WVVB@FRF2B6֖W2v&6&V6VFǒVBvVB( FRf7F'2fVv2( fW VW6R"bFV"3FvFVV'2FW"BgFW"7V&r&RfVFVW'2F&ƖrfbFR76V&ǒƖRFRfW7FfFW2FR&V7Bv2&Vf&VBB&VVBFRF2@6VFVBFW'2bFRv&VW6R&ffW26VB6֖W2֗7626S( F&fFRFF6ЦV7FBVGb6626WfW&bW"G&VbvW2VVBb6֖RvR&fFp6f'7B&W7FW'2vW&RFW&RFw&VB6V6RbW'6R6&rB6VGFFP6vBF6VRgFW"FR&V6VBG&vVGFRfVFVW'2bF2B6֖W2( BvR&W( 2v7G&vFVRW&W76rFV"( F&R6RRN( 2FVfFVǒ7&VFrW>( FW"fW( 2fW7B'&vB7BW"6VGVVBFFRG&FFR'FP