November 2017 Magazines 89128 - Page 44

The process of manufacturing the handcrafted cars, trucks, cutting boards, bookends and larger, more intricate wooden toys is truly a labor of love. All the wood originally comes out of Southern California where Anaheim-based Ganahl Lumber delivers it locally to Peterman Lumber. When Peterman Lumber has a load of wor- thy scraps available to donate, phone calls are made and Rex arranges for the pallets of scrap wood to be delivered to the shop. Each piece is then processed through a planing machine, then templated for its future shape, drilled, sanded, branded and pol- ished to create the finished product. Approximately 50 volunteers (some more active than others) provide their artistic woodworking skills, all being thoroughly trained on the machinery and safety procedures necessary for this art form. Over time, the workshop has become a very efficient and organized facility where cama- raderie is only second to safety, yet it’s not a permanent home for this busy organization. “We have a nice thing going with our cur- rent location,” says Doty, as he and his staff of volunteers chat while taking their required afternoon “cookie break.” But we’d love it if someone would be willing to donate a permanent work- space where we can reside.” An empty warehouse would be ideal, but the organization is open to ideas from local property owners that might have space they could provide. 44