November 2017 Magazines 89117 - Page 16

Take Five! The mellow days of Autumn beckon outdoor exploration and visions of golden horizons. Check out these five destinations that’ll have you enjoying beautiful scenery, breathing in crisp fall air, and melting away holiday stress. The Ranch at Tule Springs: Take in the lush foliage and peaceful waters of Tule Springs/Floyd Lamb Park on horseback. Once a state park, Tule Springs is now wholly owned and operated by a non-profit organization called Horses4Heroes, Inc. They offer casual horseback rid- ing and formal lessons for adults and children as young as two. Death Valley National Park/Furnace Creek: Marvel at the beauty of Death Valley the only time of year you can do it without heat stroke. Trails abound, both paved and rugged, from the salt flats to the sand dunes. Visit from November 5-12 for the 68th Annual ‘49ers Encampment, a week-long heritage festival featuring old timey fiddlin’ and pickin’ contests, historic reenactments, arts and crafts, pioneer cos- tume contest and more. Great Basin National Park: Pack up the car and roadtrip to Central Nevada to be among groves of yellow and gold Aspens and the oldest trees on Earth–Bristlecone Pines. Explore uncrowded trails, hunt for pine nuts, and discover the mysterious recesses of Lehman Caves. With some of the darkest skies in the country, it’s also a star-gazer’s paradise. Spring Mountain Ranch: Retreat from the city without a lengthy car ride. The fall colors are abundant, and it’s a great time of year to stroll around the peaceful grounds and reservoir, and take advantage of ranger-led night hikes (November 4 & 17), star gazing with the Astronomical Society (November 18), and their Civil War Experience program (November 25). Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden: Stay really close to home and check out one of the most stunning displays of horticultural prowess in the country. Proud as a Peacock is the theme for fall, and it will be bursting with color from Yellow Durangos and Fire Islands, Hibiscus and Purple Fountain Grass. An 18’ tall tree is the centerpiece, complemented by massive twin peacocks, hanging silk weeping willow branches, scarecrows and pumpkins. 16 November/December 2017 Most times, Ethel M Chocolate Factory’s main attraction is their decadent, cocoa-rich confections, but in winter visitors come to revel in their luminous holiday display. November 7th marks this year’s lighting ceremony, when, at 6 p.m. they’ll light up the 3-acre cactus garden with more than a million twinkling lights. Penn & Teller are set to headline an exciting roster of entertainment, which includes members of Nevada Ballet Theatre’s The Nutcracker; Sin City Opera; The Sound Coll ɽ)ɔ)9܁ѡ́啅ȰѡȁݥѕȁݽɱݥєݥѠͭѥ)ɥѼ́ݥѠMфQ́ȁѡѥɕ䁅ɔ)ɕեɕم፡ȁ܁չɅѽ䁑ѥ)!1@Mѡɸ9مɥ͡ѕȁQɕMՅɔ) ȁѥх䁑ѥѼѡȁɝѥQ)䁉х܁ѡɽ՝ѡ䁽ѡٕиQ! )ɑ́ɽ9ٕȀ܁ѡɽ՝)Յ쁅ͥ́ɕ)̰Ѽѥ٥ͥЁܹѡ履̸)1́́Lɔ)5ѕȁ5άЁɅ͍1Ʌ)ɕѕѡ́ͥɔɥɕ)ձȁɰ͍Ёȁѡɰ)ḾMѡɸ9مè)͕Ё ɔȁ)ѡɝѥ(ā踁5չЁ ɕIմ(ā踁=Mɥ́=ɝɬ) єMMЁ1Օ(ā͍5͡܁ Mɉ)YфͼɽՍ1́Y̤)5ѡ)Mѥȁѡս́ѽѡȁٕȁѡɅѼх́ɕ٥ͱ)ɥݥѠѽɍܸ͡MٔݥѠ͍ͽɉи)ɹ͠ݥѠѡȁѽɍܰ͡ɥ鱔Ʌє)ͅՍɅɅȸ))Mɭ̰Mѕ́Mݕѡ7é]ѕȁ])Qɕ͡䁝ɽѠѡЁ)ٕȁɭé́q͹t)]Ё́Յݡѡ)̃qѥtЁɹ́ɥЁɕ)ɽ́Ѡɭ)͕Ѽɕȁ͹